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Flashmob Venezuela from Froid on Vimeo.

Siete cámaras, 20 actores y más de 200 niños, sorpenden al público marabino en su jornada cotidiana con una inesperada intervención en los espacios públicos del centro de la ciudad de Maracaibo, en una mega producción basada en el tema Venezuela, original de Pablo Herrero y José Luis Armentero.

EL SISTEMA DE ORQUESTAS Y COROS JUVENILES E INFANTILES DEL ZULIA (EL SISTEMA Zulia), Froid International en asociación con Lara-Zulia Films, Hipermedia Comunicaciones y MontyCulebra presentan: FLASHMOB VENEZUELA dirigido por Omar Zambrano, producido por Marielvy D’Apollo Valero Producción ejecutiva Rubén Cova y Pedro Moya Dirección de fotografía Luisernesto Betancourt Tudares Edición y montaje Joan Morales sonido JORGE NAVA y JUAN NUÑEZ.

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SHAKE from Variable on Vimeo.

Learn more about SHAKE the book:
See the photography series:

Shake off all the worries on your mind and smile! The dogs featured in SHAKE are simply here to offer you a couple minutes of wonder and laughter. :)

SHAKE is based on a photography series of the same name by co-director Carli Davidson. The work was inspired by her own dog Norbert, whose drool she regularly cleans off walls due to his own frequent shaking.

In 2012 the Variable team stumbled upon Carli Davidson’s photo-series-gone-viral, “SHAKE”, and immediately fell in love with the images of dogs that she was able to capture. The combination of innocence and ridiculousness had us all hysterically laughing, and of course thinking; “We NEED to meet this Carli and bring her images to life!” Fortunately for us, Carli responded to our enthusiastic e-mail with an even more enthusiastic e-mail stating that she was totally down to collaborate and had a very similar vision! After months and many meetings of trying to figure out how we could even afford to make this film, we all just decided to empty our pockets, pull some serious strings, and make the video purely for the fun of it.

If you are fans of the video, there is a very good chance you will enjoy the book as well. Check it out on the link below and please consider supporting our awesome friend Carli. This is her first book, and we are certain it won’t be her last!

*No dogs were harmed during the making of this film. We love animals. Please reach out to directly if you have any questions or concerns about the animal’s rolls and we will get back to you asap. Thanks in advance!

For press inquiries about SHAKE please contact:

Production Company: Variable 

Directors: Carli Davidson & Jonathan Bregel
Executive Producer: Tyler Ginter
Producers: Carli Davidson & Alex Friedman
Director of Photography: Khalid Mohtaseb
Camera Master/Phantom Technician: Nick Midwig
Assistant Camera: Daniel Stewart
Gaffer: Travis Becker
Animal Wrangler: Amanda Giese
Craft Services: Tim Wiesch
Production Assistant: Cheyenne Allott

Post Production: Variable & The Mill
Editor: Jonathan Bregel
Assistant Editor: Jeff Levine
Post Production Producer: Alex Friedman
Head of Content: Ian Bearce @ The Mill
TK Producer: Heath Raymond @ The Mill
Colourist: Sal Malfitano @ The Mill

Score: Mayer Hawthorne “Shiny & New”
Label: Stones Throw Records

Special thanks to the amazing team at Rule Boston Camera for trusting us yet again with their Phantom Flex camera package. None of this would be possible without their support over the past few years.

Thank you to the entire Becker family and Becker Productions for kindly providing us with a great studio space and plenty of lighting and grip to cover with dog hair and drool.

Last but most certainly not least, thanks to all of the wonderful dogs and their owners for collaborating with our team in making this idea a reality. Next time we are in Portland, dog treats are on us. ;)

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MIDTOWN from Drew Geraci (District 7 Media) on Vimeo.

Midtown New York City is the place to be. The lights, cars, traffic, architecture and people make the city come to life as a living, breathing, organism that never sleeps. Take a trip with this time-lapse production into the city and see the sights and sounds that create this magnificent destination.

For us, this time-lapse production was produced using more than 50,000 still frames, shot over the course of 6 months traveling back and forth from Washington DC to New York City while we shot for clients. Our main goal was to capture the central part of the city in both visuals and audio. The sound effects used in this production were taken from the various locations we shot and were added in to give you the feeling of actually being there.

There were multiple times during this shoot that we were chased off, either by cops or the cold. The subway shots were particularly difficult to get, especially in the wake of the Boston bombings. We were led out and in some cases followed by police officers or MTA officials who seemed intent on getting us for using tripods.

The music is performed by the talented Danny McCarthy (Fracture)
(Music has been licensed through

***MIDTOWN Water UFO***

We captured something we can’t explain. If you know what these lights are, let us know!

***Licensing note***
The majority of this footage is own exclusively by 3rd party clients and we can not license out certain shots. If you’re interested in licensing non-exclusive material please contact Andrew at or call us at 513-259-9231 

Follow us here;

Our gear consisted of the following;

(4) Canon 5D Mark III’s
(2) Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 II
Canon 24-105mm f/4
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 II

(2) Dynamic Perception Stage Zero’s with upgrade stepping motors
Emotimo TB3 - Orange and Black

This production would not be possible without the help, assistance, guidance and inspiration of some of the most talented people out there;

Arthur Breese, Jimmy Shea, Gregg Lehrman, Jay Burlage, CA Time-lapse Crew (Joe Capra, Colin Rich, Andrew Walker, Matt Givot, Chris Pritchard, Michael Shainblum, Eric Hinds, Ben Canales, Sheldon Neil) Richard Bently, Patryk Kizny and the rest of the time-lapse community.

MIDTOWN - Cinematography, production and motion graphics by Andrew “Drew” Geraci

©2013 District 7 Media All Rights Reserved. No images, video or parts of this production may be used without authorization. This production is for portfolio use only.

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Typesetter Blues from TOGETHER on Vimeo.

Typesetter Blues is a 3-minute animated short starring a likeable monster named Harold. In this melancholy love story, Harold falls for a new coworker, who unfortunately falls harder for someone else.
Voiced by Canadian legend Gordon Pinsent (Away From Her, Pillars Of The Earth) Typesetter Blues is written in the nonsense poetry tradition of Edward Lear and Shel Silverstein.
Produced in partnership with our awesome friends at Varipix, Typesetter Blues is the first “chapter” in the silly rhyme collection “Beastly Bards”. It’s a finalist in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards (Animation) and also screened at TAAFI (Toronto Animation Arts Festival International).
You can check out more info on the Beastly Bards project here:

WORDS: Pazit Cahlon
PICTURES: Hector Herrera
VOICE: Gordon Pinsent
MUSIC: Jayme Stone
PRODUCER: Pazit Cahlon
ANIMATION: Hector Herrera
3D ANIMATION: Shadi Didi
PRODUCTION PARTNER: Blaine Philippi/Varipix
MUSIC: Jayme Stone (Banjo), Dexter Payne (Clarinet, percussion), Grant Gordy (Guitar)
VOICE RECORD: Adam Harendorf and Greg Arnold at Voodoo Highway Music & Post
SOUND MIX: Brian Pickett and Greg Arnold at Voodoo Highway Music & Post
VOICE DIRECTOR: Dee Shipley at Dee and Company

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